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15 Survival Kit Must-Haves

To give you the edge for all your survival needs you have to be equipped with the following - stored in a metal container polished for reflection if needed, and sealed with adhesive tape on the outside. (If any empty space is present, stuff cotton wool for fire starting and to keep contents from banging around):

1. Magnifying Glass
To be used in sunlight to start fire and save on other materials.

2. Matches
Water-proof matches dipped in candle wax are ideal - and if space is at a premium, break each match in half.

3. Flint
Make sure to have processed flint with accompanying saw striker for convenient fire starting.

4. Needles + Thread
Include a variety of needles including one with a large eye for use with sinews if medical stitching is needed or leather binding is required.

5. Compass
Importsnt to have no freeze liquid with luminous display for viewing in darkness. Make sure it is fully functional before taking your kit into the territory and that you are familiar with how to use it. Check out the Horizons TEC military lenatic compass here =>

6. Candles
Carve the candle into a square or rectangular shape for storage. If the candle is tallow-based it will be edible in case of emergency, or usable for cooking if frying is necessary - Tallow candles are sensitive to hot climates and will melt so keep this in mind. All other types of candles are not intended for eating.

7. Saw
A flexible saw with removable handles - greese before packing away for it to be readily usable when needed.

8. Line + Fish Hooks
Include split head weights with several hook types and plenty of line

9. Snare Wire
The best material is brass for this type of wire with a recommended length of 2 to 3 feet.

10. Beta Light
Using a crystal that produces its own light will be a backup for a flashlight if map reading in darkness is needed - also can be used as lure for fishing.

11. Bandages
Different sizes and lengths should be included - all being waterproof

12. Condom
Perfect for water bags holding up to 1 litre for storage or liquid mobilization

13. Medical Kit
All medicines should be packed in air-tight container and if need be fill in any air pockets with cotton wool. Labels should be explicit and include dosage and expiry details. The list of the following is recommended but not comprehensive - seek out advice from medical authority if going into extreme and specific survival circumstances:
Intestinal Sedative

  • Analgesic
  • Antihistamine
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-Malaria Tablets
  • Water sterilising Tablets
  • Potassium Permanganate

14. Surgical Stainless Steal Blades
Minimum 2 different sized scalpel blades.

15. Butterfly Sutures
Wound seams will need to be held together for long periods of time.


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