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SPECIAL launching price. WE are attentive to our customers' demands & remarks. NOW we present the new HT-747.2, SAME PROVEN HT-747 kit with improved features- Battery level indicator and USB charging port.
  • COMPACT MULTI-BAND TUNER with NOAA/AM/FM. Equipped with both speaker and earphone jack. BRIGHT 3 LED FLASHLIGHT.
  • EMERGENCY POWER SOURCE for cell phones. Intended for use in case of emergency. UPGRADED 1000mAh BATTERY CAPACITY.
  • 3-WAY SELF POWERED hand crank, expose solar panel to sunlight, or DC recharge by USB connection (with supplied cable). Provides up to 10 hours of power
  • PARACORD BRACELET equipped with compass fire starter and whistle Becomes 11-ft rope when unbraided. This is a kit you and your family can depend on.

Our customers wrote:

  • "Never thought I would want nor did I ever thought about a device like this until I had a family and kids of my own"
  • "Feels good just to know I have it."
  • "I love to have items like this that provide me the security I need in case of emergency with options for charging"

The radio has a rechargeable battery of an upgraded, improved capacity of 1000mAh which lasts longer than other 700mAh and 300mAh devices found out there in the market.

Earphone jack allows you listening with headphones.

Battery level indicator.

Water resistant in accordance with IPX3 standard.

Package contains:

  • HT-747.2 emergency weather radio
  • Micro USB to standard USB cable for device charging. Also fits for charging of all cellphones with micro USB socket.
  • Paracord bracelet- compass, fire starter, and whistle.
  • Owner's manual (Please read carefully before use)

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