Emergency Equipment SOS Kit

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The new practical kit which will serve your practical needs while camping! This emergency equipment SOS kit features all the must-have accessories to manage everyday practical tasks or provide help in case of need. It can help you start a fire, signal for help, either with the fire starter or whistle and find your way in case you're lost. All-in-one helper ideal for camping, hiking or bike trips.

Multifunction blade is micro-honed for precision slicing and cutting.The blade is designed to fit field survival. 
Hand chainsaw is lightweight, strong, versatile. Allows you to cut from a variety of angles and in situations with little clearance. 
The fire starter can help you make a fire easier, in any weather and at any altitude. A favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers around the world. It can also serve as a handy emergency signal as well, you can signal rescue crews with the starter's bright spark or with its built-in emergency whistle. 
Survival whistle is an essential safety item for every camping, hiking or bike trip. 
A small compass is a great tool for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor adventures, it can help you keep your bearings.
Size: 3.74"x2.6"x1.2" / 9.5x6.6x3cm 
Weight: Approx. 0.5 lbs / 220g

Package contains: 
1*SOS box 
1*LED flashlight 
1*Hand chain-saw 
1*fire starter 
1*survival whistle 
1*small compass
1*multifunctional card

Multifunction LED flashlight, fire starter, and survival whistle - color will send randomly.  

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