• YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY- Be aware and safe from hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. Our multiband weather radio allows you to be constantly connected to AM/FM bands and most importantly to NOAA weather band updates at all times.
    • WHEN ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS ARE OUT OF BATTERY, YOU WILL HAVE THE LAST PHONE STANDING- Offering you an emergency power source in the palm of your hand. Our device can recharge your phone for an emergency call at any time.
    • "BY FAILING TO PREPARE YOU ARE PREPARING TO FAIL"- Keep your family and loved ones ready for emergency situations. This is an emergency preparedness must. A multifunctional kit with multiband radio, bright 3 LED flashlight, emergency cell phone charger, a paracord bracelet that contains a compass, fire starter whistle and makes an 11 feet rope when unbraided. A quality kit you can depend on.
    • YOUR CONFIDENCE TO GO ANYWHERE ANYTIME- The HT-747 radio is 24hrs power enabled due to its 3-way rechargeable battery. It can be recharged by the Solar panel, hand crank and USB port. Reliable, compact, portable and lightweight. Take this kit in your car, SUV, boat and even in your backpack. Suitable for camping hiking, fishing etc.
    • WE KNOW YOU ARE A BIG DEAL. That's why we will only provide you with the finest product and service around. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Add your HT-747 to your cart, get a 1-year warranty and experience our excellent customer service.

    Product description

    Our customers wrote:

    "... you can turn the crank and charge the radio and hear all the emergency reporting, but how do you charge your cellphone with no power? Now you can!!"

    "This seems to have everything you could reasonably expect in such a small package..."

    "This is perfect for Hikers, overnight campers or even just a handy gadget to have when the power goes out. I highly recommend this item to everyone, you will not be disappointed."

    The radio has a rechargeable battery of an upgraded, improved capacity of 1000mAh which lasts longer than other 700mAh and 300mAh devices found out there in the market.

    Earphone jack allows you listening with headphones.

    Low Battery indicator

    Water resistant in accordance with IPX3 standard  

    Package contains:

    • HT-747 emergency weather radio
    • Mini USB to standard USB cable (for flashlight/radio charging)
    • A 2.5mm jack-to-adapter cable (for 5VDC cell phone charging)
    • 3 different adapter to cell phone power connector (for cell phone charging)
    • 1 adapter to USB socket (female)
    • Paracord bracelet- compass, fire starter and a whistle.
    • Owner's manual (Please read carefully before use)

    We believe in providing our customers quality products that will meet their needs, while offering them an excellent customer service and buying experience.

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