Medical mini emergency survival first aid kit with FDA/CE

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Be prepared for emergencies with this easy-to-use first aid kit. Designed to help you locate all the necessary accessories and pick everything you need. To remain compliant it features a color-coded label system:
Red: Trauma, Blue: Hygiene, Green: Information, Black: Utilities.
In addition, it is compact and easily fits in your car glove box or under the seat.Also, perfect for trucks, boats and other vehicles. 
Easy to find in the dark thanks to the reflective outside piping.

  • Manufactured to be tough & endure rigorous travel, hiking or camping yet lightweight and flexible enough to mold into crammed backpacks and luggage. Plastic cases break easily -- this kit won't.
  • Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies.
  • Extra space for your personal items such as ointments, aspirins, and medications. We don't supply pain relievers as this is usually a personal requirement. 
  • Each of the contents, such as bandages, gauze mats, swabs, etc. are high quality to help better stop bleeding & blood clotting. 
  • Great as a gift for a family member such as a working or traveling son, daughter or parents. 
  • Each of the contents passes FDA standards. Nothing is out of date -- unlike many of the cheaper kits.
What's unique about this kit? Color-coded label design allows for quick location of the needed supplies. Red = Trauma, Blue = Hygiene, Green = Info., Black = UtilitiesIndividual first aid components are labeled and tell you how many items you need to remain compliantReflective piping to help you find the KIT in the dark.
Weight:0.9 lbs/ 0.4kg
Dimensions: 7.1"x5.1"x2.8" / 18cm x 13cm x 7cm
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